About Us

Formula SAE UBC – Student engineers working together competing against the world.

Formula UBC, founded in 1991 by a group of Mechanical Engineering students, is a student organization involved in designing, building and racing a Formula style race car each year. The completed car is taken to Lincoln, Nebraska, where it competes against 79 other universities and colleges from around the world.

Formula UBC is a diverse team of talented engineering students determined to get the most of their educational experience. Through passion and commitment, students pharmacy collaborate as a team to design and build a Formula style open-wheeled race car that competes in the annual Formula SAE competition. Each member contributes his or her skills in a specialized area of interest such as powertrain, chassis, suspension, electronics, controls or aerodynamics. A dynamic team leader works to synchronize all of these efforts and create a unique vehicle that will proudly represent its school in a field of over 80 universities from around the world. After 23 years of innovative vehicles and inspirational success stories, Formula UBC is poised to carry on the tradition in 2015 as it continues to transform students into well-rounded engineers.

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What is Formula SAE?

Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is an international competition between engineering students involving the design, construction, and dynamic testing of an open-wheeled race car. As with all “formula” racing, there are numerous restrictions on the design of the Formula SAE vehicle to ensure that the knowledge, ingenuity, and imagination of competing students will be challenged. Most design restrictions are aimed at driver safety and team parity, the former being of paramount importance. To this end, the cars must meet strict front impact and rollover standards, and engine intake is limited by the use of an intake restrictor. To keep the competition fresh, and allow younger students to gain as much hands-on as possible, the rules also require that no car be campaigned in more than one competition year.