Join The Team

Formula UBC is a student engineering team that accepts students from all Undergraduate and Masters programs at UBC. This includes students from 1st to 4th year and above. Joining the team later in the school year is rare and often can not be accommodated, however, the team captain should be contacted for more details.

Recruitment for 2016/2017 is now closed. Please look out for recruitment information at the start of the school year in September.

What We Do

  • Collaborate as a team to design and build a formula style open-wheeled race car.
  • Contribute our skills in a specialized area of interest.
  • Compete in the annual Formula SAE competition in Lincoln, Nebraska against 140 universities around the world
  • Transform students into well-rounded engineers and leaders.

Why Join

  • Hands on and design experience
  • Team work and leadership experience
  • Co-op recruiters look for Formula SAE experience
  • Make new friends and industry connections


“My experience on the Formula UBC team has given me the opportunity to challenge the entire design process, from fabrication and prototyping, all the way back to market research. It’s been this experience alone that has landed me a dream job before even finishing my degree.”

– Connor Burgess, 2014 Team Lead, Drivetrain Lead


What We Look For

Though knowledge of motor racing, engines and car subsystems is an asset, it’s far from a requirement. The team tries to accept as many students as possible, but it is necessary to limit the size of the team. As such, the team tries to strictly accept members that intend to stay on the team and not just for their resume. The group spends copious hours of their limited free time mentoring new members so that they can help the team in future years. Do not apply with the intention of staying on the team for less than one full year as you will not help the team in that time. We also look for students that are able to work effectively, meet reasonable deadlines, and not shy away from the necessary grunt work.


  • Ability to use SolidWorks & SolidWorks Electrical
  • Machine shop experience, namely turning and milling
  • The ability to use the waterjet cutter
  • TIG welding
  • Experience in automotive servicing
  • Knowledge of various aerospace materials
  • Composite materials experience
  • Involvement in previous projects
  • Electronics & prototyping
  • Programming (C,C++)
  • Adobe PhotoShop/InDesign/Illustrator/LightRoom
  • Great work ethic and a strong team mentality. This one is by far the most important!!