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Your support helps improve Formula UBC’s performance on an international scale while providing valuable, hands-on experience to young engineers.


The Formula SAE Intercollegiate Design Series, hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, is an engineering competition constructed around the exciting subject of motorsport. Every year, 12 competitions are held across four continents with over 550 teams. Teams design and build their cars from the ground up to compete in a variety of events that evaluate engineering design, cost, efficiency, marketing plan, and finally vehicle performance on track. Competitors are judged by industry professionals, including engineers from Tesla, Ford, Honda, Bosch, and more.

The Formula UBC Racing team competes annually at Formula SAE Michigan, North America’s largest and most competitive event in the series. Last year, UBC placed 38th out of 120 teams from around the world, and 6th out of the 17 Canadian teams in attendance. This year the team aims to break into the top 20 overall and top 3 among Canadian teams. Formula UBC plans to build on last year’s accomplishments by designing a faster, lighter, and more reliable car for this year’s competition.


The team is fortunate to have the support of many local companies, but lacks the financial support required to tackle the increasingly more advanced projects required to compete at the highest level.

Your generous donation will directly contribute to the design and production of our 2019 racecar. A myriad of exciting projects are planned for the coming year, including the development of structural carbon fiber composite components, improvements to our vehicle’s on-board data acquisition system, a custom power distribution module, and validation of our simulations through extensive track testing. These projects will not only advance UBC’s placement at competition, but also provide our members with more opportunities to gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies and engineering methodologies not typically covered in the engineering curriculum. Some of the expenses your contribution will support are:

  • Competition registration: $3000

  • Tires for competition and testing use: $2800

  • Tubing for the vehicle’s chassis: $3200

  • Composite materials for bodywork, aerodynamics package, suspension linkages, material testing and characterization, and other vehicle components: $3500

  • Materials for mould making: $750

  • PCBs, connectors, and electrical components for student designed electrical and data acquisition systems: $1100

  • Design software for engine and suspension modelling and simulation: $950

  • Materials for student designed exhaust and muffler: $700


Please inquire at Tax receipts are available for all donations.

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