Vehicle Sub-Systems


Achieving maximum down force while minimizing drag enables our car to increase grip and improve our lateral acceleration.


The connection and interaction between driver and car. Pedal box, steering system, shifting, and driver seating position all fall inside driver controls and ergonomics.


Power distribution, Engine control wiring, and data-logging from a host of sensor channels enables our to analyze data and improve our car's performance. 


Provides support to our engineers who are tackling material specific design problems through the provision of material testing and failure analysis. 

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Frame & Body

The structural heart of the car. Designed to be lightweight and  rigid, the chassis gives all sub-systems a place to mount and distribute their respective load paths. The bodywork protects the driver and reduces drag.


Everything that connects the engine output to the ground. A chain-driven differential is mounted, and provides engine torque to the wheels through constant velocity joints. 


A four-cylinder motorcycle engine is backed up with custom-designed engine sub-systems including a 3D printed intake, tuned exhaust, dry sump lubrication, and cooling system.


The suspension manages the interaction between the car and the road which is what determines how competitive a race-car can be. A double wishbone, pull-rod actuated, suspension with adjustable anti-roll bars are used to help keep our tires at maximum grip as much as possible.

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