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OUR TEAM 2020-2021


Graham Rowe.png

Wojtek Sobczyk
Team Captain

Zachary Huser DSC_0573.png

Zachary Huser
Technical Director

Harry Riley DSC_0524.png

Harry Riley
Safety Officer

Jaydon Alexis DSC_0608.png

Jaydon Alexis


Sarvesh Ramalingam DSC_0603.png

Sarvesh Ramalingam
 Aerodynamics Co-Lead

Kaver Muthanna Ammatanda DSC_0636.png
Kaver Muthanna Ammatanda
The Aerodynamics team designs and builds lightweight carbon fiber components that maximize vehicle maneuverability and effective cooling.  Responsibilities include:
  • Complex Surface Modeling

  • Downforce Distribution

  • Drag Reduction

  • Heat Rejection Analysis

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Composite Materials Manufacturing

Kiana Izadi DSC_0664.png

Kiana Izadi
  Aerodynamics Co-Lead

Tom Rotbart DSC_0547.png
Tom Rotbart
Cameron Lee-Ming
Bryan Yang DSC_0610.png
Bryan Yang
Abhinav Prabhakar
Madhurjot Sohi


Michal Priecel DSC_0633.png
The Business Strategy and Marketing team works with the executives to handle the non-technical aspects of the team.  Responsibilities include:
  • Sponsorship Liaison

  • Team Events

  • Social Media

  • Promotional Material

  • Business Presentation at competition

Michal Priecel
Business Lead

Artemi Meshcherin DSC_0605.png
Artemi Meshcherin
Miriam Celebiler DSC_0627.png
Miriam Celebiler


Zachary Huser DSC_0573.png
The Frame and Body team designs and builds a frame strong enough to withstand the forces of high speed maneuvering, rigid enough to ensure direct driver control, and as light as possible. Responsibilities include:
  • Chassis Design and Manufacturing

  • Torsional Stiffness Analysis

  • Development of Structural Composite Panels

  • Impact Attenuator Design and Validation

  • Body Work Design and Manufacturing

Zachary Huser
Frame and Body Lead

Juggy Atwal DSC_0654.png
Juggy Atwal
Tom Rotbart DSC_0547.png
Tom Rotbart
Bryan Yang DSC_0610.png
Bryan Yang
Abhinav Prabhakar


Kyle Kirkwood DSC_0550.png
The Controls team designs and builds the components that the driver directly interacts with. Ergonomics, intuitive layout and direct feedback are some of the design considerations for the control system. Responsibilities include:
  • Pedal Box

  • Steering Wheel

  • Seat

  • Driver Position

  • Brake System

Kyle Kirkwood
Drivetrain Lead

Arif Janmohamed DSC_0564.png
Arif Janmohamed
Colin Finnie DSC_0545.png
Colin Finnie
Indigo Knights DSC_0569.png
Indigo Knights
Grayson Hamilton DSC_0613.png
Grayson Hamilton
Henrique Saito DSC_0542.png
Henrique Saito
Lochlan Rode


Sophie Kenny DSC_0623.png
The Drivetrain team connects the engine to the wheels. Responsibilities include:
  • Gearing Optimization

  • Differential Tuning

  • Differential Support Design

  • Carbon Fibre Axle Development

Sophie Kenny
Drivetrain Lead

Kayla Butcher
Curtis Geffner DSC_0660.png
Curtis Geffner
Dan Look DSC_0665.png
Daniel Look
Katie Law DSC_0616.png
Katie Law


Bjorn Foulston Rojas DSC_0538.png
The Electrical team provides power to and reads signals from components throughout the vehicle. Responsibilities include:
  • Power Distribution

  • Data Acquisition

  • Wiring Harnesses

  • Sensor Selection and Implementation

Shawn O'Connell DSC_0601.png

Bjorn Foulston Rojas
Electrical Co-Lead

Dima Bobkov DSC_0615.png
Cindy Zhong DSC_0619.png
Dima Bobkov
Kirill Kudriavtsev DSC_0520.png
Kirill Kudriavtsev
Cindy Zhong
Ayden Chow

Shawn O'Connell
Electrical Co-Lead 

Jaydon Alexis DSC_0608.png
Jaydon Alexis
Felix Wilton
Nicholas Amy DSC_0525.png
Nicholas Amy
Praveen Wickramaarachchi DSC_0532.png
Praveen Wickramaarachchi


Can Ozdemir DSC_0656.png
The Engine team develops the vehicle's power plant and supporting peripheries. Responsibilities include:
  • Intake and Exhaust

  • Cooling System

  • Lubrication System

  • Fuel System

  • Engine Tuning

Can Ozdemir
Engine Lead

Alex Perman DSC_0632.png
Andy Chung DSC_0607.png
Ardalan G DSC_0521.png
Logan Khan DSC_0640.png
Alex Perman
Andy Chung
Ardalan Ghazizadeh
Logan Khan
Max Bian DSC_0668.png
Dawson March DSC_0588.png
Simon Zhong DSC_0583.png
Max Bian
Dawson March
Simon Zhong


Harry Riley DSC_0524.png
The Materials team supports all other subteams with a variety of expertise ranging from R&D to failure analysis. Responsibilities include:
  • Material Characterization

  • Destructive Testing

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Failure Analysis

  • Composites Manufacturing

Harry Riley
Materials Lead

Farhad Rahimi DSC_0670.png
Farhad Rahimi
Alex Smith DSC_0529.png
Alex Smith
Veer Sambaragi DSC_0533.png
Veer Sambaragi
Vrisha Vyas DSC_0536.png
Vrisha Vyas


Deniz Gulbaharli DSC_0649.png
The Software team develops custom software tools to support vehicle design and development. Responsibilities include:
  • Track Data Analysis

  • Component Testing Data Analysis

  • Lap Simulations

  • Development of Tools to Simplify Data Access

Deniz Gülbaharlı
Software Lead

Vishrut Ohri
Aidan Eglin DSC_0579.png
Aidan Eglin
Hamza Peracha DSC_0585.png
Hamza Peracha


Brandyn Pataki
Suspension Lead

Brandyn Pataki DSC_0561.png
The Suspension team designs and manufactures suspension components and leads vehicle dynamics development. Responsibilities include:
  • Kinematic Design

  • Tire Selection

  • Spring and Damper Tuning

  • Vehicle Setup

Braeden Mussato DSC_0555.png
Daniel Youm DSC_0558.png
Austin Chuong DSC_0565.png
Braeden Mussato
Daniel Youm
Austin Chuong
Conor Dee DSC_0551.png
Dhruv Goel DSC_0599.png
Conor Dee
Dhruv Goel
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