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Engine: The Powerhouse of the Car

Do you enjoy thermo-fluid analysis, dynamometer and combustion power? Formula UBC’s Powertrain subteam may be for you! Almost all of the components of the engine are going through a redesign this year as well as a new gearing system!

About the Subteam

The Powertrain subteam is responsible for delivering power from the engine to the wheels. In order for this to happen, the engine and drivetrain package must be optimized as a whole. This is achieved by maximizing the performance from the engine and then choosing gear ratios suitable for the cars’ driving conditions. Lastly, the differential is then modified to give good power delivery when exiting a corner

What you will gain
  • Experience with Solidworks, FEA analysis and manufacturing

  • Intake and exhaust analysis and engine tuning

  • Drivetrain packaging and design to optimize the power sent to the wheels

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