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Downforce is King

Do you enjoy mechanical design, computational fluid dynamics, and a whole lot of composites manufacturing? Formula UBC’s Aerodynamics subteam may be for you! Aerodynamics has some exciting projects this year, going through a large redesign of many components.

TrackTestCFD (1).png
About the Subteam

Aerodynamics is a multi-disciplinary subteam with lots of theoretical and physical applications on the vehicle. The purpose of the aerodynamics subteam is to convert the air flow around the racecar into favorable properties such as downforce and cooling, while minimizing negative effects such as drag.

To achieve our purpose, we do a lot of research into aerodynamic theory. We then design and simulate our ideas using a variety of computer aided engineering softwares. After narrowing down on a particular design, we then manufacture out of primarily carbon fiber and test our aerodynamic devices using several composite manufacturing techniques and data analysis skills.

What you will gain
  • Deep understanding of race car aerodynamic theory

  • Experience with CAD & CAM software 

  • Ample practice with Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Extensive knowledge on Carbon Fiber manufacturing methods

  • Ability to use simulated & real world data to influence design decisions

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