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Frame and Body

The backbone of the team

Do you enjoy mechanical design, structural simulations, and a whole lot of composites manufacturing? Formula UBC’s Frame and Body subteam may be for you! It is an exciting time to join Frame & Body as after 30 years of tube chassis, we are developing our first composite chassis!

About the Subteam

The Frame and Body subteam is responsible for designing, building, and validating the largest component on the car: the chassis structure. The chassis transfers load from all components on the car and provides rigid support for the suspension, powertrain, and other subsystems. 

What you will gain

As a member of the Frame & Body team, you will be instrumental in the execution of the team’s first composite chassis. Designing cutting edge manufacturing processes, performing extensive simulation and testing and managing integration with other subteams are all tasks performed by Frame & Body members.

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