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The Nervous System of the Car

Do you enjoy PCB and firmware design, professional wire harness manufacturing, and sensor integration? Formula UBC’s Electrical subteam may be for you! The Electrical team is developing a professional grade wiring harness and designing an F1 inspired steering wheel.

About the Subteam

The electrical subteam is responsible for power delivery, data acquisition and vehicle control.

We use Altium Designer to develop in-house PCBs used for DRS/shifting control, power distribution, datalogging, and more. We integrate all of our systems and sensors using race-industry standard wiring harness manufacturing practices. By nature we work with every other subteam and are heavily focused on system integration. 

What you will Gain
  • Experience with Altium, LTspice, Rapid Harness, firmware development IDEs

  • Opportunity to design, prototype, manufacture, and validate an electrical project

  • Chance to work on a multi-disciplinary team with many other passionate engineering students

  • Insight and the ability to work on PCB and wiring harness manufacturing

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