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Materials and Manufacturing

Materials Photo Brake Render.15.png
MnMs, not the candy

When you take a look at our racecar, do you ever wonder how we actually made it? If so, the Materials and Manufacturing subteam is for you!

About the Subteam

As a member of the MnMs, you will have the unique opportunity to learn about every subsystem on the car while gaining valuable hands-on manufacturing skills alongside high-performance materials selection and analysis experience on our team’s most interdisciplinary subteam.


We are responsible for two things on the MnMs: First, we ensure that all parts that the team designs are going to be made from the most performant and efficient materials using the best manufacturing methods. Here we act in an advisory role, offering our materials selection and manufacturing expertise to guide design.

Second, we are responsible for working with subteams to manufacture their parts using our vast array of machines. Here are a few of the toys we use on a regular basis, all of which you will learn how to use confidently on our subteam:

  • Tormach 1100MX CNC mill and 4 by 4 foot CNC router

  • Variety of OMAX waterjet cutters

  • CO2 laser cutter

  • Car-sized autoclave for composites curing

  • SLA and FDM 3D printing (formlabs/anycubic SLA printers and fleet of Prusa i3)

  • All welding processes, using mainly aluminum and steel

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